Are you fed up with Blight in our Neighborhood?
We are.
18057 Rayen
17742 Rayen P1080008 (1)
Soon our community will be officially named Sherwood Forest within the city of Los Angeles, with beautiful, new blue signs to show it. The Homeowners Association is both frustrated and embarrassed to have been given this honor with the blight that has been allowed to fester in our neighborhood for the past 15 years. We are specifically talking about the 2 homes constantly under construction at 17742 Rayen and 18057 Rayen Street. We are fed up with them bringing down the property values of not only the homes in it’s immediate vicinity, but to all of Sherwood Forest.
We have attended the hearing for the property split at 18057, the judge has placed a requirement that the property be clean before the split takes place. Whose definition of “clean”, we are not clear on that.
The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) has the power to get this home completed. As neighbors, we have to keep the pressure on LADBS. This issue has been discussed with our city councilman and he will be keeping a close eye on these properties.
If you’d like to file a complaint with LADBS, you have to put your name on the complaint, but the homeowners will not know who filed it:
• Go
• Click on “Online Services”
• Click on “Report a Violation”
• Go to the bottom of the pop up page, click next
• Fill out your name, address, phone etc. click next
• Fill out the address, both reside on West Rayen Street
• Write all of your complaints within the box
• Choose a violation
Some obvious violations:
—Home converted to another purpose
—Home under construction
w/out permits
—Choose whatever you think applies.

You can also call 311 to file your violation complaint.

If you make a note to file a complaint at least once a month, we will be able to get these properties cleaned up.

If you have another property causing blight in the neighborhood, let us know about it. For more information visit the