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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Neighborhood News
Attention SFHOA Members
The Sherwood Forest Homeowners Association website will begin to make some updates to its site, to make it more friendly to our members . We are starting this change with our “Photo Album” section, by adding YOUR decorated homes to “Halloween 2014”.
We all know how imaginative & creative our neighbors, here in the Forest, can be during the holidays…..But we want to show ALL the membership just what these ingenious minds are up to! So here’s all you have to do, send us a photo of your Halloween-decorated yard to . Names are optional, but please include your street and a little description of your theme or inspiration (again, optional).
It doesn’t matter how small or grand your decorations are – there are no prizes for 1st Place – Just bragging rights & a chance to have your neighbors see how crazy your imagination can be!
Ps….Stay turn in late November, when we start asking for your Christmas/Hanukkah display photos!
SFHOA Members Vote Against Settlement Proposal
Dear SFHOA Members:
At the SFHOA members meeting last night, Mr. Selan and his attorney presented a settlement proposal calling for a 39 unit, 30,000+ square foot eldercare facility to be built on Mr. Selan's property at the corner of Parthenia and Shoshone.  They explained a number of reasons why, in their opinion, the SFHOA should accept their proposal.  
Following their presentation, and after they left the room, SFHOA Board Members and our attorney explained a number of pros and cons to the proposal.  Many audience members then took the opportunity to ask questions, make comments, or express opinions. 
A vote was then taken by written ballot:
"Yes" for the proposal as presented or "No" against the proposal.  The votes were tallied after the meeting, with the result being a near-unanimous "No" vote.

Meanwhile, immediately after the end of the meeting and before the votes were counted, the Board learned that Mr. Selan had withdrawn his settlement offer via email from his attorney to ours at 8:31 pm - which was after his presentation but before the end of our discussion and vote.   Our attorney did not see the email until after the meeting because his cell phone was (appropriately) turned off during the meeting.
Whether we consider Mr. Selan's withdrawal irrelevant as his proposal was voted down by the membership or the vote moot because it came after the proposal was withdrawn, the effect is the same:  there will be no settlement at this time.  Mr. Selan presumably will continue his case against the North Valley Area Planning Commission's rejection of his 112 unit eldercare project, and the City Attorney and the SFHOA will continue to fight his claims in court.  It is also possible that Mr. Selan will withdraw his current lawsuit and file a new plan for his property with the City Planning Department.  
We will, of course, keep the membership fully advised of all developments in this matter and urge you all to continue to check the SFHOA website regularly for updates.

As discussed last night, lawsuits can be costly and even with the amount collected last night, additional funds will be required down the line to continue this battle.  If you have not yet made a donation, please consider doing so. There is a donation tab on our website (which will be operational again on 9/12/14).
The Board thanks the many concerned and committed SFHOA members who attended the meeting last night, and also thanks all of those who made donations to the legal fund.  Your contributions enable the SFHOA to continue to protect the interests of the homeowners of Sherwood Forest.
Best Regards,
Tom Bramson, President

CERT Training for Homeowners
The Los Angeles Fire Department will be conducting C.E.R.T. Training for the Homeowners of Sherwood Forest, at Northridge Middle School on Tuesday nights for 7 consecutive weeks (17 ½ hour course).
September 9 – 16 – 23 – 30
October 7 – 14 – 21     (Graduation on the 21st  upon completing all 7 days)

The class will run from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm – 2 ½ hours per class.
The class is limited to the first 25 sign-ups, guarantee a spot and sign up early
Any questions & to sign-up for this free training    
Please contact:
Ralph Enderle, LAFD & Sherwood Forest Homeowner
818 421-9513

Important Numbers
SFHOA Hotline
Non Emergency 911
LAUSD School Police Dispatch
All City Services
     Dead Animal Pick up
     Graffiti Removal
     Parking Violations
     Property Violations

Abandoned Vehicles
Animal Services

Building and Safety

Bulky Item Clean-up
Councilman Mitch Englander's Office
Graffitti Removal
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
Illegal Dumping
Parking Violations
Police Station - Non-Emergency Calls
Devonshire 818/832.0633

Postal Security
Northridge post-office
877/876.2455 (option 3)

Shopping Cart Pick-up/Free

Street Lights Out

West Valley Alliance - graffitti removal



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