Pets in Sherwood Forest

As a pet owner it is your responsibility to make sure your pet doesn’t roam the neighborhood freely. It has been brought to our attention that dogs are getting out of gates and attacking other dogs.

Yes, they will get lost, stolen or even killed….but the LEGAL ramifications of a dog harming another dog, or a human, is very serious & very costly when they are taken to court & sued for damages (and they WILL BE!). The homeowner RARELY wins these cases. We remind you to periodically check gates & locks…and make sure that your pet can’t squeeze through the railing or under the moving gates.


Coyotes have been spotted again

This morning two fellow dog walkers spotted the coyote at the corner of Shoshone & Osborne. Earlier it had been on the front lawn @ a house on Sunburst, west of Encino.

They apparently run in packs, there may be a mate and some pups around. Some neighbors believe they may be living in the empty house that’s for sale on Osborne and Encino.

Please be aware while you are walking your pets in this area. Here’s a flyer to download, print and post in your area.


Animal Control: