Promoting Pride in Our Neighborhood
Sherwood Forest Homeowners Association (SFHOA) is a coalition of residents with a common desire to maintain and improve the quality of life for those living in the Sherwood Forest residential community of Northridge.
Our motto “Promoting Pride in Our Neighborhood” underscores our desire to pull together Sherwood Forest residents equally interested in the common good of Sherwood Forest.

Incorporated in 1992, the objective of SFHOA was to promote quality of life in our community and the preservation of neighborhood character. We incorporated as a non-profit organization with the primary objectives and purposes to be:


“To consider and act upon matters that are of common interest and concern to the Sherwood Forest Community including, but not limited to, security, fire prevention, beautification, preservation and enhancement of the distinctive character of the Sherwood Forest Community and such other things that the corporation deems to be for the common good and general welfare of the Sherwood Forest Community and the City of Northridge, in the state of California.”


Each member of the Sherwood Forest Home Owner Association Board is a resident who volunteers his or her time to help the Association reach its objectives and to facilitate bringing neighbors together to work through common goals.


If an issue or topic arises in our community that requires action, SFHOA can bring together concerned residents. A committee can be formed to tackle the problem and make our voices heard to the decision-makers.


Concerns among residents include protecting the character of Sherwood Forest and that of increasing density and overbuilding. Land subdivisions and overdevelopment are becoming a serious threat to the stability of our area characterized by single family dwellings on larger sized lots. There was a growing trend to haphazardly subdivide lots (legally and illegally). Single family homes were being demolished to be replaced by 2 to 3, 2-story structures leading to an undesirable increase in density. Overcrowding leads to more crime, increased street parking, blighted conditions, invasion of privacy, and overall deterioration in community standards. One goal of SFHOA is to promote more consistent and suitable development, by working in conjunction with City officials to Ensure enforcement of current zoning ordinances and municipal codes, prevent “spot zoning” (zoning designations that are inconsistent with prevailing density), limit lot splits and land subdivisions.


SFHOA hosts an annual Block Party where more than 500 residents engage in lively conversations, sampling free BBQ and potluck delights all while enjoying live entertainment and games for the kids. This event brings about the camaraderie needed bring the neighborhood together, to meet our new neighbors and promote a small-town feel to our community.

Who are the Sherwood Forest Homeowners?
The neighborhood known as Sherwood Forest is comprised of approximately 1150 single-family homes located in Northridge, CA. The boundaries are:

  • Nordhoff – On the North
  • Balboa – On the East
  • Lindley – On the West
  • The Railroad Tracks – On the South